District 2 Events


Traveling Gavel @ Star Prairie – North Star Lodge

East Area Friendship Gavel – Menomonie Lodge  

West Area Friendship Gavel – Collins-Spring Valley (Baldwin)  

* District Deputy Visitation

                                         Fund Raisers or special occasions in Bold


05/01/13*         Northwestern Lodge (Prescott)          7pm DD Visitation and Inspection

05/03/13          North Star (Star Prairie)                     5 pm Smelt Fry

05/05/13          Chippewa Falls Lodge                        8-12:30 pm French Toast Breakfast

05/06/13*         Nine Rivers Lodge (Clear Lake)        7:30 pm – Educational on FC Degree

05/07/13          Hancock Lodge                                  Highway Clean up

05/07/13          St Croix Lodge (Hudson)                   7:30 pm possible degree work

05/06/13          Blue Hills – Rice Lake                                   4:30 pm – 7 pm Spaghetti Dinner

05/08/13*         George B Wheeler Lodge                  6 pm Lunch – 7 pm Stated

05/10/13          Landmark (Frederic)                          6 pm Social 6:45 pm Dinner                                                                                                               (Ladies at the Table) RSVP by May 1st


05/13/13*        Buffalo Rivers Lodge (Mondovi)        5:30 pm Social and 6:30 pm Dinner

PM and Lodge Member Recognition-Family                                                                                         Farms in Eleva ($15) send money or                                                                                      questions to Buffalo River Lodge 252                                                                                                W26277 Drangstveit Lane Eleva, WI 54738

Phone 715-287-4797

05/14/13*        Durand Lodge                                    7:30 pm DD Visitation and inspection


05/15/13*        Bloomer Lodge                                   7 pm Stated    

05/15/13          George B Wheeler                             Blood Drive @ EC Masonic Ctr.

05/17/13?        Hancock Lodge                                  6pm-Social-Mason of the Year Banquet


05/18/13*         MENOMONIE LODGE                     9 AM DISTRICT MEETING & DISTRICT                                                                                         TWO MASON OF THE YEAR


05/21/13          St Croix Lodge (Hudson)                   Friend’s Night (? 7 pm)

05/22/13          Menomonie Lodge                              7:30 FC degree (? lunch)

05/23/13*         Chetek Lodge                                     7 pm Cook out at the lodge-Inspection

05/28/13*         Eau Claire Lodge                                7:30 pm DD Visitation and Inspection

06/01/13          Landmark Lodge (Frederic)               8 am coffee and rolls 9am 5 FC Degrees

06/03/13*         Nine Rivers (Star Prairie)                  7:30 pm – Education on MM degree

06/05/13*         Bloomer Lodge                                   7 pm – Stated


June 6, 7, 8    Grand Lodge                                                Annual Communications Madison


06/10/13*         Mondovi Lodge                                   6:30 Lunch – 7 pm DD Visit & Inspection

06/12/13?        Menomonie Lodge                              6:30 Lunch – 7 pm DD Visit & Inspection

06/15/13*         All EC Lodges                                     PM, 25 & 50 Yrs. & Mason of the Year

06/18/13*         St Croix Lodge                                    Stated (Possible Degree work)

06/19/13*         Bloomer Lodge                                   7 pm Stated

06/22/13          St Croix Lodge                                    Lodge Picnic @ Br Lindau (time TBA)

06/26/13*         Menomonie Lodge                              7:30 pm MM Degree (? Lunch)

06/26/13          George B Wheeler                             6 PM Lunch 7 PM brief business meeting                                                                                        Card/Game night 

06/27/13          Sanctuary Lodge                                 Lodge Picnic – Mt Simon Park (time?)

07/01/13*         Nine Rivers Lodge-Rice Lake                        7:30 pm – Educational

07/03/13*         Bloomer Lodge                                   7 pm Stated                                        

07/04/13          Chetek Lodge                                     6 AM Pancake breakfast

July 9/10/11    Farm Tech Show                                Working the food tent (All Day)

07/13/13          All EC Lodges                                     Youth appreciation dinner (Time and                                                                                                            Location TBA) For DeMolay and Jobies 

07/13/13          St Croix Lodge                                    Brat Stand (Hudson County Market)

07/17/13*         Bloomer Lodge                                   7 pm Stated

07/22/13*         Blue Hills Lodge – Rice Lake             7:30 pm Stated

07/27/13          All EC Lodges                                     Golf Outing (Info TBA)


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Up Coming District #2 Meetings

* District Deputy Visitation

12/17/12* Buffalo Rivers (Mondovi) 6pm Dinner 7pm Special – MM Degree

12/18/12 River Falls Installation 6:30 pm –After installation, which is open to                                                                                                                                                                                              all family members, we will retire for dinner
(catered) and upon completion of dinner
will have our annual Christmas Party. Gifts
for exchange at the Chirstmas party to less
than $20.00 and either male or female.

12/19/12* Prescott Lodge 7pm Stated with DD Visitation

12/19/12 Collins-Spring Valley (Baldwin) 7pm Installation


12/27/12* St Croix (Hudson) 6pm dinner 7pm Installation

12/29/12* Chetek Lodge 11am Installation w/ dinner follows


01/03/13 Landmark (Frederic) 6:30pm Special – MM Degree 

01/07/13* Nine Rivers Lodge (Baldwin) 7:30 Stated 

01/08/13 Hancock Lodge (Ellsworth) 7:30 pm Stated with EA Degree

01/08/13 New Richmond Lodge 7pm Installation

01/08/13* Eau Claire Lodge 7:30 pm Stated w/ DD Visitation

01/09/13* George B Wheeler 6:00 dinner and Stated

01/14/13* Buffalo Rivers (Mondovi) 6 pm Installation 

01/16/13* Bloomer Lodge 7pm Stated with MM Degree

01/23/13* Menomonie Lodge 7:30 Stated – DD visitation

01/28/13* Clear Lake Lodge 7pm Stated with DD visitation



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Welcome one and all…

Welcome to District 2 of the Free and Accepted Masons of Wisconsin’s new Website.

Within the next week, there will be many changes and additions to the site to make
it as easy as possible to find out more about the lodges in this district, the history of those lodges,
Contact information for our Current District Deputy Most Worshipful Grand District Deputy of District 2 Gary Stang.

There will be an Events Calendar for the Entire District showing Meetings and Events for all of the lodges,
Along with way to see each Lodges Calendar
separately by visiting their individual Website.

I’m very happy and Honored to have been asked to put this program together for District 2,
and am always available for question, suggestion, and correction if any be made.

Brother Kevin D. LeQue

Please be patient as the changes are made and check back often to see what has been added.


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